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Do you need legal advice or representation for someone at Liverpool Court

If you are looking at the location of Liverpool Court you should also think about getting proper legal advice.

Nyman Gibson Miralis appears at all New South Wales Courts. Liverpool Court is a Court that our firm has appeared at on a number of occasions.

It is important that you get advice early in the Court process so ring one of the solicitors at Nyman Gibson Miralis straight away on 02 9264 8884 or email us a question.

Need help understanding the Court Process?

We have an interactive guide to help you with what will happen when you attend court for a criminal or driving related offence. It explains the terms used and what is involved in each step of the procedure.

Liverpool Court

Liverpool Court is located at 150 George St Liverpool Westfields

Postal Address:

150 George St
Liverpool Westfields, NSW, 2170
Liverpool Court
Phone: 02 9821 7878
Fax: 02 9821 7888
Principle Contact:


Do's & Dont's

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